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"We believe that every person should have the access and opportunity to level up in their business and personal life."

Nicole Knaak

Energetic and imaginative, Nicole Knaak thrives on finding problems to solve. She is an efficient leader, devising systems and strategies that work for everyone on her team. Recognizing that there were small businesses lacking the expendable budget necessary to work with overpriced ad agencies and digital consultants, she made it possible for everyday business owners to get access to the tools they need to make it in the digital age.

Carl Knaak

A people person at heart, Carl Knaak operates on a strict basis of compassion and service, striving to give his clients the winning experience they need. He is a master of both data and digital strategy, and his award-winning work has helped companies to expand their social media presence by 300% and to save as much as $14,000 on digital marketing. Always pushing to pare down his tools, he believes that constant improvement is possible for any and all businesses.

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What people are saying about us

Around the Leaf Consulting and other businesses alike are the backbone of America! These are the companies we need to support. Carl and Nicole are extremely smart, motivated, customer focused and guaranteed to meet your business needs.

Saroun Va
I would like to thank Carl and Nicole for their invaluable assistance in helping me to market my photography business. The ideas, advice, and overall support were a tremendous help. I cannot thank them enough and I would highly recommend Around the Leaf Consulting for your personal or business needs.
Sonia De Leon
SoListo Photography
The wisdom and knowledge Carl and Nicole are willing to share with the world is amazing! What I respect even more is that they continue to search and learn in more creative/innovative ways for themselves but then they are more than ready to share that with you!

Edward "Spec" Bayonet
iAMbayo Advertising & Design